f8 Rentals is the DC area’s premier photographic equipment rental company. We’re a service company first, a rental company second! We have two locations, in Reston, Virginia and in the National Press Building in downtown DC. We also have a satellite dropoff / pickup location in Maryland.

We provide clean, reliable, photographic equipment from camera bodies, lenses, studio and location lighting, light modifiers, grip accessories, audio, and video.

f8 Rentals works hard to provide you with the knowledge to get the job done right. We will work with you and discuss what you are doing, then provide the best information for you to decide what you need to complete your assignment. If we do not know the answer, we will research it and get you the answer. Whether for corporate head shots or the family vacation, f8 Rentals is there to give you the best possible rental experience. Novice, serious amateur, or professional, f8 Rentals treats every one the same.
Like our motto says:

“Keeping You in Business, Keeps Us in Business!”


For all who have known me over the past 35 years within the DC photographic community, no need to read further. But for those who are looking to rent or want to know the kind of person who runs f8 Rentals, I hope you find my background beneficial.

It was about 25 years ago, I started with Penn Camera when there was only one location on E street NW, working in the darkroom/lighting department. Over time, I helped Penn develop their rental department. When Calumet took over Penn Camera, I stayed on. But then, when Calumet declared bankruptcy, a former rental customer gave me a chance at a new life. He asked if I wanted to start a photographic rental company from the ground up – one built around customer service, to push the level of customer service beyond anything seen in the DC metro market to date. Service company first, rental company second.

f8 Rentals was born!

In the early 1980s, I was trained at the Corcoran School of Art, but inherited a penchant for photography from my father who was a photojournalist in the Air Force. Over time (1984 to present), I have worked as a freelance photographer, covering everything from fine art to commercial. And I mean everything! I have worked as an in-house photographer for a corporation, managed a commercial photography studio, was president of a non-profit photography organization (WCP) for several years. I was also part of Polaroid’s Creative Consultant Program, curated numerous exhibitions, judged several national contests, taught, and generally explored the photographic/ digital process. Now I am here to provide you with the best possible photographic rental experience.

That is my promise!


From the busy ‘pre-digital’ film era, over two decades ago, I was a Professional Sales staffer at ‘good ol’ Penn Camera’s original E Street store, first at the mysterious ‘back area’; the darkroom and lighting/medium format, and rentals department, where you really had to know what you were talking about! And then back that talk up with excellent customer service. Then, doing the same for Calumet, at the newer E Street store.

The Penn Camera/Calumet DC Rental Department was a mainstay for local professional photographers and dedicated semi-pro and hobbyist shooters. Out of town photographers, from New York City, to the West Coast, and international photographers have relied on me to have their rental orders ready and complete and on-time.

Among my favorite customers were soccer moms and dads renting 300mm and 400mm lenses to record their children’s sporting events! They would walk in asking for “something” to capture the event and walk out empowered!

Myself, I’ve been a Canon film and digital shooter, a Hasselblad and large format film shooter, free-lancer, assistant, fine art photographer, a face and voice around the DC photo community, for, well, let’s just say “awhile”. Many of you already know me, and I hope to be meeting many more of you very soon.

Ready to reserve your equipment?